Waimatuku Research Lab 2


Our Minerals-to-Materials Laboratory is under construction at Spring Creek / Waimatuku, near Greymouth, in the West Coast region of New Zealand. It is due to be operational during 2020. Located in buildings owned by Birchfield Coal Mines, the laboratory is being developed under the leadership of Dr Nancy Garrity and Dr Ben Hang Yin.

Advanced, Lower-Emissions Materials


The NZIMMR was established in August 2017, tasked with finding ways of transforming New Zealand’s mineral wealth into higher-value, commercial materials. Research projects take time to identify and scope. In the frame at present are projects concerning low-emissions fertiliser, advanced carbon materials, and hydrogen manufacture.

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New Zealand's point of difference

New Zealand does not have the lowest-cost mineral resources in the world or lower costs in factors of production. What we do have is unusual resources, in types of coal, and the characteristics of a range of industrial minerals, including as by-products from industrial processes in New Zealand, such as geothermal energy, and natural gas production.

Joining forces with others

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Crucial to the identification and development of projects to transform minerals into new materials are people with the skills and experience in the overlapping fields of materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering and metallurgy. Multi-disciplinary teams have become the research formula worldwide in this space, and in New Zealand. The NZIMMR is working with a number of research and academic institutions in New Zealand and overseas.