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Projects & Opportunities

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Tungsten Tailings

At the Macraes opencast gold mine in East Otago, a new mineral deposit is forming, tungsten ore left in tailings after the gold has been removed. The challenge is how to economically recover this strategic metal from its scheelite host, a call on NZIMMR’s metallurgists to crack the code.
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Rare Earths & Mineral Sands

The West Coast’s mineral-rich, black sands are yielding encouraging levels of enrichment in rare earth elements, including within minerals not normally associated with them, such as epidote, ilmenite and zircon. NZIMMR’s search for REEs is extending to mineral sands, and elsewhere in New Zealand.
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A growing backlog of pounamu (greenstone) dust and shavings at pounamu carving workshops could find new life as 3D printed or injection-moulded jewellery and waka huia (treasure boxes), or as a strategic additive for composite materials such as concrete or packaging materials.
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Silica Sands

Geological investigations into silica deposits around New Zealand hold the prospect for a renewal of a local sand mining and processing industry for glass manufacture. The NZIMMR is looking to work with sand producers to create a high-value, New Zealand supply chain.
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Enhancing Gold Recovery

Every day, specks of gold which have been highly flattened or are too small to see pass through the screens of alluvial gold mines, uncaptured. NZIMMR is working on improving the recovery of this gold.
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Carbon Foam

Transforming mineral waste from the mining industry into advanced, high-value, carbon-based materials, which have applications in energy storage, the aeronautical and space industries, and building materials.