Carbon Foam

Carbon Foam

Advanced Carbon Materials

Transforming mineral waste from the mining industry into advanced, high-value, carbon-based materials, which have applications in energy storage, the aeronautical and space industries, and building materials. 

New Zealand’s West Coast has a wide variety of mineral resources to support the manufacturing of advanced carbon materials. The search is on for the best mineral resources to develop carbon foam for a wide range of industry applications.

Electroplated carbon foam demonstrates applications as an electrode in flow batteries.

Carbon foam can be used to manufacture tiles that withstand high temperatures for application in aerospace. Once a commercialisation pathway is found, carbon foam will support the creation of new industries in New Zealand, as well as export market opportunities.

Moving Towards Smart Carbon

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Development of new processes to manufacture commercial products. Including environmentally friendly building materials to replace polystyrene, MDF board, gypsum-based products and concrete composite.